Project Firebird by Nick Green

SBB Project Firebird Tour Banner copyNick will be awarding a $20 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. The and tour links are listed at the end of this Super Book Blast post. Follow the tour and comment often to increase your chances of winning.


Don’t ask Leo Lloyd-Jones. Ask him how to steal a car, or why he got excluded from every school in Salford, but don’t come to him for help. This whole thing must be a daft mistake – and if anyone finds out, he’s done for.

Earth is on a deadly collision course that nothing can prevent. The only real hope is Project Firebird, deep inside a blast-proof bunker that shelters the brightest and bravest young people. Leo has got mixed up with the likes of Rhys Carnarvon, the celebrated teenage polar explorer, and other child prodigies chosen to keep the flame of civilisation.

Among them is the streetwise Paige Harris, a girl Leo likes a lot (but not in that way). Paige is desperate to rescue her little sister from London before the catastrophe strikes. But no-one is crazy enough to try that. Almost no-one.

MEDIA KIT Project Firebird coverEXCERPT:

‘That which you have there, is a frog.’

Lenka stood in the doorway, smiling. Dressed in a casual blouse and vaguely military trousers, she looked wide awake and not surprised to see them. Leo managed to get his head to stop swimming. Puking on her boots would not be attractive.

‘What is going on here?’ she asked. ‘The midnight feast?’

Rhys wrung the hem of his t-shirt awkwardly. ‘I’m sorry, Doctor Mironov. We couldn’t sleep.’

‘A North American wood frog.’ Lenka nodded at the frozen thing. ‘Rana Sylvatica. A very special animal.’

‘Why –’ Leo coughed. ‘Why have you got dead frogs in your ice box? You’re not French.’

Lenka giggled like a schoolgirl. ‘No, Leo. I’m from St Petersburg.’ She took the lolly in her hand. ‘And this frog, he’s not dead. He’s sleeping.’

‘It’s frozen solid,’ Paige protested.

‘That’s how wood frogs hibernate,’ said Lenka. ‘They’ve evolved to stay alive inside a solid block of ice.’

Rhys made an odd strangled noise. Now he was the one who looked green in the face.

‘We keep these specimens for demonstration purposes,’ said Lenka.

‘Demonstration?’ Rhys spluttered. He seemed unable to take his eyes off the frog. ‘Demonstrating what?’

Lenka tapped her capped teeth with one perfect fingernail.

‘You weren’t supposed to be told this yet. But since you ask, let’s strike while the ironing’s hot. Come. I’ll show you.’

SBB Project Firebird Tour Book Cover Banner copyAUTHOR Bio and Links:

Nick Green lives in the UK. He is the author of seven fiction books to date, including the middle-grade CAT KIN trilogy published by Strident. His other books include THE STORM BOTTLE, a fantasy adventure about the dolphins of Bermuda, and most recently the FIREBIRD trilogy, a YA science fiction epic.

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Adult Author Party Invitation 10/18/ -10/21/14

cassandra FINAL copyStop by,, my adult FB fan page Saturday Oct. 18, 2014 for the Adult Author’s Party. I will be hosting authors from around the globe who write for the adult reader for four days.

Meet some new authors and be introduced to some amazing books. Bring your gift list of your favorite adult readers; you may find a book that will suit that special person. Click on the above link to join the party.

Note: Authors if I missed you, please consider this an invitation to join us on Saturday October 18th beginning at midnight ET. Day 3 and 4 will be devoted to spotlighting participating authors books. Send your cover .jpg to I will post your cover, and you can post an extended blurb, excerpt, or first chapter preview beneath it.

Take the opportunity to reach a new fan base with your book(s).

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Supergirls by Mav Skye

VBT Supergirls Tour Banner copyBe sure to follow the link to the rest of Mav‘s tour. Follow the tour link at the end of this post. Register for the Rafflecopter drawing following the Interview and book excerpts. Comment often to increase your chance to win the $35. Amazon gift certificate.


JM: Welcome Mav. Please tell us a little about yourself and how you became a writer?
MS: I was singing stories before I could even write. It has always been about using my imagination to enter the realms of the fantastic, whether I’m the reader or the writer.

I started writing a few years back, more or less around 2009 or 2008. Funny thing, is every time I nail down a point in time when I think I started writing; I always find even older stories I had forgotten about. So, who knows?
JM: Would you share with our followers the inspiration(s) behind your latest book release?
MS: The unconditional love of my sister. Passion, grief, guilt, the gray area between right and wrong. I’ve worked first hand with women and men who were dealt one sick hand of cards by life. It’s exasperating, frustrating, and I can see why crime can seem enticing.

Of course, there’s personal experience here too. I was still grieving my father’s passing, my son’s mental health illness was out of control, so much in my life was not working out. I felt dead inside. Writing this story helped raise me from the ashes. Supergirls isn’t pretty but it is heartfelt and honest. In the end, I think that is what matters most.
JM: Is this the genre you generally write in? Have you considered other genres?
MS: Tricky question to answer. Yes, in the sense that I almost always write dark infused with humor and romance/erotic elements. No, in the sense that I dabble in many genres: horror, pulp, crime, erotica, fantasy, bizarre, romance and sci-fi.

JM? Do you have other published works, Mav?
MS: Sure do, I have short stories in print and all over the web. I also have award nominations and contest wins, but almost all of those are under my previous writing name which you can find at the bio link of my website I also published a psychological suspense story called The Undistilled Sky on Amazon. It’s received great reviews.

JM: Is Mav Skye a pen name?
MS: Yes! The name is partially taken from a dream where a ‘character’ demanded that I make him real. Years later, I granted him that wish, though he has to settle for being a female. Mav is short for Maverick not Mavis.

Most of my work is written under my real name, which again, you can find at my Mav website. Writing under a fresh name has breathed new life into my writing and has helped me come back from the ashes. I don’t regret the switch, though I do miss my old contacts.
JM: Have you won any recognition or awards that you would like to share?
MS: Under my old name I won several, and I’m proud of that, but it doesn’t define me.
JM: Do you have an agent or a publicist?
MS: Not currently, but I know there is a lot about the Indie industry I don’t understand. Writing short stories and submitting them to a magazine is a completely different than writing novels and trying to sell them yourself. I’ve been thinking a publicist who knows the ropes wouldn’t be a bad idea.
JM: Are your books available in print, e-book, or both? Have you ever tried converting a book to audio?
MS: Supergirls is available in both e-book and print on Amazon. On the back of the print book, readers will get a little treat, the whistling deer head picture that helped inspire his character.

I haven’t personally tried to convert a story to audio, but a good buddy of mine, Barry Northern, used to run a site called Cast Macabre. He’s at the top of his game and well sought after in the audio/podcast world. He produced the voice and music for a tale of mine about a blind woman who falls in love with the dreadful and handsome lizard man. The story is called Lacerta (written under my old name).
Barry owns another podcast site called Cast of Wonders, in the past he has produced a wonderful audio version of my children’s story, Ruby Hearts. He will be reading the horrific Halloween tale I wrote for my teen boys called, Marrow. It should be up later this October. I’m very excited.
JM: That is exciting. I will make it a point to check our Barry’s sites. Illustrations or photos for covers are so important to successful to marketing. Do you use an illustrator or photographer for your book(s)?
MS: I’ve found gorgeous photographs on and they are reasonably priced.

When I found the picture that is on the cover of Supergirls, I knew I’d found Jenn and May. The skull is also from I knew exactly what I wanted but couldn’t figure how to do it with the programs I have, so I hired someone with photoshop experience and knowledge to do it for me. It was fairly inexpensive and worked out lovely.

Long term, I would like to find a professional to work with on all my books.

JM: How much of the marketing do you do for your book(s), and for yourself as a brand?
MS: Under my old name, I was so annoyed about all the branding talk. I built up my name by doing everything wrong and unintentionally breaking the writing and branding rules. It was great! But that was before the enormous writer explosion that seems to have taken over the net.

Now that I’ve started up with a new name, everything is different…and yet the same. I can understand why the branding is so important when starting out. At the same time, I think nothing replaces hard work and commitment to the craft of storytelling. When you are in love with what you do and committed to the beauty and perfection of it, it will show. People can’t help but notice and your audience will “brand” you. You don’t need to worry about doing that yourself.
JM: I couldn’t agree more, Mav. Do you spend a lot of time plotting your stories, or do you just run with it?
MS:Run with it, baby!
JM: Do you spend much time in research, or do you write from experience?
A: For Supergirls, there wasn’t a whole lot of research. I explored taxidermy. The process is eerie to me and helped developed the character called The Whistling Deer Head. It’s a mounted moose head above the fireplace in Fat Bastard’s mansion that speaks to schizophrenic sister, May. The Whistling Deer Head is captivating to me and I can’t let it go. He will pop in and out of my stories for years to come.

I researched daggers, and found this gorgeous crystal carved unicorn dagger. I can’t remember its origins, I’m thinking Persian, but I could be wrong. It was beautiful, a weapon of the gods. On sight, I knew that it would be key in my story.

I also researched Thomas Kincaid. There’s a scene in Supergirls in which one of my characters ponders what evil may occur in the cute little cottage in a Kincaid painting. I must admit, I do the same thing. I wonder if there are little people inside the homes, I wonder if they are good or bad. If there’s something naughty in the closet. A body rolled under the bed.

There’s a fun little hands on project I did with blue lace panties and a gun, but I won’t go into details with that. Read the story, and you’ll learn all you need to know.
JM: What Point of view do you feel most comfortable with, first person or third? Have you ever tried using the second person in any of your works?
MS: Third feels most natural. First can be a challenge to do well, but the personable and intense nature of it intrigues me, it makes me feel that I as the author am that person. Supergirls is written in first person, present tense. Difficult to write, but the intensity pays off.

And yes, I’ve written second person a few times. It’s challenging but utterly entertaining. I wrote a story called Tainted Lady written in second person. It’s published in a Sideshow anthology edited by the fantastic Cathy Buburuz.
JM: Are there any writing-related websites that you have found useful?
MS: Well, I used to be able to give you a good handful of sites, but it seems they’ve disappeared or have a hefty membership fee.

Critters can be helpful with getting your short stories critiqued. The Passive Voice helps with tracking the pulse of the writing world. Writer Unboxed has hints and tips for writing novels. Flash Fiction Chronicles has some good advice for short story and flash fiction writing as well. I just discovered the K-Boards, and there seems to be some good advice on there, as well as a ton of bad.

As always, please remember just because someone writes something about writing doesn’t mean it’s true or that it will work for you.
JM: Good point, Mav. Are you on any forums or networking sites? Do you find them helpful? Please list links so readers can find you.
MS: You’ll find me at critters, and if you email in advance of your story popping up in the queue, I’d be happy to critique your story for you. I also co-edit at Pulp Metal Magazine. If you think you have a good short story that doesn’t fit anywhere else, kick an email over to me HERE and I’ll be happy consider your story for the zine. Please visit the magazine in advance and follow the guidelines set up by the Dictator. I know it says invites only, but I tend to be open to submissions. I love a good short story.

You can find me on social websites too: Website, Twitter, Facebook Page, Email and Goodreads.
JM: Thank you for sharing with our followers. What do you think the future holds for a writer?
MS: As long as there is humanity there will be imagination and stories. Writers may not always make money doing what they do, as we’ve seen from the past, but the true treasure is in the joy of imagination. As long as we remember that, it doesn’t matter what the future holds.

JM: Thanks for taking time to do this interview, Mav. My best wishes for success with “Supergirls.”

MEDIA KIT SupergirlsKindleCoverBLURB: Sisters Jenn and May have finally found their golden ticket out of the slums. Pervy sugar daddy, Frederick Bells, promises to be an easy score with a big payoff—millions are hidden within his mansion.

The plan is simple: tie up the pig, steal his cash, and skip town. But fate has a different plan, including a villain with a wicked imagination. The sisters resort to playing their childhood game SUPERGIRLS to battle their fears in Bell’s den of horrors.

Will the SUPERGIRLS find their prize or will their heads join the pile behind the black cellar door?


Old folks say the world is simply made of black and white. There is no gray. How is that true? How does that sum up reality? Right now, this second, I could toss the dagger, grab May’s hand and escape through the white door, white like heaven, and what then? We’d have zip. Nada. We can’t return to the studio. Fat Bastard and Leroy know where we live. All we’d have is our miserable, crappy (and psychotic) lives.

And each other, something whispers or does it whistle? I don’t know anymore. Through the white door—it’s running away. Running away from the one thing May and I have always wanted: peace.

No, the only way to peace is through darkness, the black door, through the cellar to the money.

I turn and face the black door, place my hand on the bolt. There is a monster in the dark to confront.

Perhaps I’ll die, perhaps May will. This is where the gray area lies, the future. Why can’t there be a clear-cut way of what to do and when?

The moaning creature pounds the door.

Fat Bastard. I grit my teeth and draw my eyes away from the tree with gems. Black, white or grey: if you want something you have to go for it, the consequences be damned.

The monster pounds the door harder.

May startles and turns to me.

I motion to her and breathe, “When I unbolt the door, I’ll drop to the floor and you shoot.”

She says nothing, but stands back and aims the pistol.

I say, “One, two, three…”


When Mav Skye isn’t turning innocent characters into axe murderers, refinishing old furniture, chasing around her spring ducklings, or reading the latest horror novel, she’s editing at the almighty Pulp Metal Magazine.

She adores puppies, pirates, skulls, red hots, Tarantino movies and yes, Godzilla.

Especially Godzilla.

She is the author of Supergirls and The Undistilled Sky. Look for her wicked horror romance, Wanted:Single Rose, this fall and the second book in the Supergirls series, Night without Stars, early 2015.


Find Me: Website:


Facebook Page:


Supergirls is available in print or ebook at: Payhip : (50% discount at Payhip if you “share” the book) & Amazon US:, Amazon UK:*Version*=1&*entries*=0


TOUR LINK: Find Mav‘s other tour dates and stops at the link below.

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A pair of Red City Reviews for author Anton

New Frosty Cover 2Red City Review:  5 Stars for Frosty and the Nightstalker

A great book for horse lovers of all ages, Backyard Horse Tales 2: Frosty and the Nightstalker by Jackie Anton is a well-put together book that both entertains and informs. The narrative follows Frosty, a playful Appaloosa colt who begins to undergo strange experiences when he has visions of an earlier time. Switching from the late twentieth century to the 1870s, the reader is taken to witness the life of another Appaloosa who lives with the Nez Perce Native American tribe. While Frosty has been told he has an old soul, the story of the horses in the late nineteenth century live very different lives from what Frosty does. Are these visions coming as a result of the collective memories of Appaloosas? Or is something more complex causing the horse to undergo this strange incidence of fluctuation?
This book is enjoyable for multiple reasons, the main one being the different viewpoints, settings, and timelines that take place in the lives of the horses that are depicted. By following both Frosty, and Nightstalker, we are able to see how horses existed throughout the course of the United States history. Young adults, to whom this book seems to be targeted, will learn a great deal about the history of the west and the Native Americans themselves. Anton has written a one of a kind book, as this piece seems unlike anything else we’ve ever seen in the realm of horse books. The illustrations by Sandy Shipley complement the words very well, and the appendix and vocabulary pages at the back of the book are nice touches that offer up even more helpful information to the reader. All in all, this is an original book that was clearly put together with love, dedication, and great care.

Author Links: Website:
Barnes and Noble:
Authors Den:

Jackie Anton pens her adult works as J.M. Anton.

Wind River Refuge Originally submitted Cover with font layout 4613Red City Review:
4 Stars for
Wind River Refuge by J.M. Anton

Jax Duncan is a girl on the run – from adulthood, from pain and rejection, and from the nightmares of her past that dog her footsteps to this very day.  But in trying to evade the past, she ends up barreling straight into a new fearsome enemy.  After flying across the country to stay with her foster parents at the Double D Ranch in Wyoming, Jax’s life is placed in danger by an unknown assailant.  The prime suspect is Garrett McBride, a Vietnam veteran with a volatile temper and a dubious history.  Jax first meets Garrett as he picks her up from the airport.  He seems innocent enough – could he really be her attacker?  As both parties battle their inner demons, Jax and Garrett end up forging a connection that, for better or worse, will never be severed.
Set in the 1970’s, Wind River Refuge is the second work of adult fiction from J.M. Anton, and clearly Anton has put plenty of skill and heart into this story.  Jax and Garrett are compelling characters who the author steers deftly away from being stereotypes of themselves, and the chemistry between them is almost palpable.  And Jax!  That girl is funny!  With trademark wit and innuendo, she taunts Garrett with her brand of suggestive humor and, simultaneously, becomes the book’s winning character.  Not to say that Garrett isn’t also a great catch; after all, he’s a war veteran with a heart of gold.  Much of the pleasure from reading Wind River Refuge is derived from watching these two great characters interact with each other and attempt to dispel the dangers lurking in Jax’s past.  For lovers of romantic or historical fiction, this book comes highly recommended!
To purchase a copy of Wind River Refuge, click here to find it on Amazon.

Other  Book Links:
Wind River direct Smashwords link:
Amazon Adult Profile Page:

Barnes and Noble:

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Death has a Daughter by Candice Burnett


Cendall, history’s first female Grim Reaper, has until her eighteenth birthday to prove she’s worthy of the role. The only obstacle in her way are those pesky Guardian Angels who protect human souls, but Cendall is certain she can handle any Guardian who gets in her way. 

However, nothing could have prepared Cendall for Lacie—a soul that is protected by multiple Guardians, wanted by Demons, and, most startling of all, can see Cendall. 

Cendall uses every trick in the book to try and slip past Lacie’s Guardians and collect her soul, but a Demon interferes at the last moment. In the chaos, Cendall accidently saves Lacie’s soul, along with one of the injured Guardians. Realizing Cendall fears termination for her mistake, the Guardian blackmails her with an offer she can’t refuse: in exchange for his silence, Cendall must keep Lacie’s soul safe from the Demon, until he recovers from his injuries. Cendall agrees—with the intention of checking Lacie’s soul off her list, the instant the Guardian is healed. But as the three of them are forced to work together, Cendall begins to question why Lacie is wanted by the Demons and if her name actually belonged on Cendall’s list in the first place.


I was intrigued by the blurb of “Death has a Daughter’ and agreed to review it as part of a book tour. Unfortunately, my computer crashed and I was unable to participate in the tour. My apologies to Candice for the delay of this review post. I enjoyed the fresh approach of the good vs. evil aspect where the author used reapers, demons, and guardians.

Candice Burnett has created a unique heroine who can take care of herself and is determined to prove herself even when so many people are against her. She’s strong and fearless and does what she has to do without complaint. Seeing her journey throughout you watch her learn and want her to succeed in what she’s doing and prove that she’s just as good, if not better, than the guys.

Death has a daughter is extremely refreshing and the story line is interesting keeping reader’s turning pages and wanting to know more and more about the world the author created.

Burnett’s characters were fun and interesting. Cendall’s spirit and determination to be the best Grim reaper the world has ever seen makes it a fun read. Her frustration with the inequities of the system she must live and work under provide some interesting conflicts for Cendall. As if that isn’t enough for a seventeen-year-old girl, the author throws in a couple of heart throbs that threaten our heroine’s focus.

I was supplied a PDF, by the author, for this review. Death has a Daughter rates a solid four stars on my book-o-meter, and I highly recommend it. A good young adult to adult read.

Reviewed by Jackie Anton ….Author of the award winning Backyard Horse Tales series.

About the Author:

MEDIA KIT Author PictureCandice Marie Burnett  graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Marketing.   She’s loved writing from a very young age, but has only recently pursued publishing her debut novel Death Has a Daughter.  She grew up in Woodhaven Michigan on a small farm with her mother, father, brother and sister.  She now lives in Atlanta Georgia, with two fluffy pugs and her husband, who has an overworked, undefeated, guardian at his side.

Author Links:





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Red. White, and Screwed by Holly Bush

BBT_RedWhiteAndScrewed_BannerHolly will be awarding a $20 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Follow the link at the end of this post to enter the giveaway.


Political strategist Glenda Nelson is having a meltdown. Her handpicked, very married Congressional candidate was just caught climbing out of the window of the Sleepytown Motel, and her philandering ex-husband seems to have the most to gain from the colossal scandal that follows. As Glenda attempts to salvage the campaign in a hotly contested race, conservative and liberal pundits pounce on the story to further their own agendas.

Glenda’s love life is nonexistent to say the least, that is, until she meets handsome artist Chris Goodrich. Chris’s easy-going, carefree outlook on life couldn’t be more different than the 90-mph crazy train that is Glenda’s, but the more time she spends with him, the more she craves his calming presence, his sexy smile, and his steamy embraces. Is Chris the one to take a chance on?

Between the pressure of full-blown spin control mode, rapidly declining job security, refereeing two teenagers, caring for aging parents, and spending hours on her therapist’s couch trying to get past her ex’s crushing betrayal, Glenda finds love and makes the long trek back to happy.

Cover_Red, White, and ScrewedExcerpt:

Glenda has a surprise meeting with the new man in her life at her daughter Sylvia’s high school art gala.

The doors of the Mansville High School were covered with posters ranging from “Just Say No To Drugs” to a square dance being held Friday night after the football game. After getting directions to the art rooms, I ran down the hallway and burst through the door. The student art gala included a speaker. I smiled at Christopher Goodwich, straightened my skirt and hair, and found a seat. Sylvia was glaring at me.

“Art is about beauty,” Goodwich was saying. “But beauty is speculative. What is beautiful to you and what is beautiful to the student beside you may be two different things.”

I settled into one of those seats with the desk attached. My rear end was not cooperating and hung out either one side or the other. Goodwich was a good speaker and I listened intently. He was patient with the kids, and Sylvia’s art teacher was batting her lashes and giggling.

Goodwich would never go for her type, I thought to myself. The overt artsy-craftsy, caftans-are-still-in-style, kind of a woman. And her hair was long. Why doesn’t someone tell women over forty to cut their hair? What kind of woman would Goodwich go for? Meg did say he wasn’t gay. Everyone was clapping. I stood up enthusiastically and took with me the desk still attached to my rump. Sylvia pulled at the seat, and markers went flying. Christopher Goodwich was heading my way.

“It’s nice to see you again, Glenda.” Goodwich looked at the desk stuck to my hips. “Can I help?”

The desk plopped off my ass with a thump, and I ran a hand through my hair. “Chris! What a surprise.”

AuthorPic_HollyBushAuthor Bio:
Holly Bush was born in western Pennsylvania to two avid readers. There was not a room in her home that did not hold a full bookcase. Holly has been a marketing consultant to start-up businesses and has done public speaking on the subject.

Holly has been writing all of her life and is a voracious reader of a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction, particularly political and historical works. She writes historical romance set on the American Prairie and in Victorian England, and more recently, Contemporary Romance and Women’s Fiction. She frequently attends writing conferences, and has always been a member of a writer’s group.

Holly is a gardener, a news junkie, has been an active member of her local library board and loves to spend time near the ocean. She is the proud mother of two daughters and the wife of a man more than a few years her junior.


Twitter: @hollybushbooks

Rafflecopter giveaway:

Enter to win a $20 Amazon GC!

Readers, follow the tour to increase your chances to win.

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Dream Huntress by Michelle Sharp

SBB_DreamHuntress_BannerMichelle will be awarding $30 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Follow the link at the end of this post to enter the drawing.


Detective Jordan Delany has a gift. Through her dreams, she connects with dead victims of violent crimes. Her isolated life as a drug cop is perfect for hiding the freakish visions, until her newest investigation has her posing as a cocktail waitress in a down-and-dirty strip club. When she’s saved from a drunken customer by a handsome stranger, the heated chemistry is exactly why she intends to keep Mr. Arrogant at bay. But learning he’s the new bouncer for the corrupt club she intends to bust just might be the one reason why she can’t.

Tyler McGee suspects a drug ring operating out of the local club is flooding the streets of his hometown with heroin. Determined to get answers, he plays the part of a fallen cop and lands the job of head bouncer. What he discovers is that the club owner isn’t the only deadly obstacle he’s facing. His attraction to an intriguing cocktail waitress with a penchant for danger just might kill him first.



“I told you I could be downright romantic if you give me a chance, city girl. I realize this isn’t a hot night out on the town or anything, but my options were limited considering you’re undercover, and we can’t be seen together.”

“Ha.” She laughed and pulled her head from his shoulder long enough to smile up at him. “Cowboy, your options were limited, because we’re in a town the size of a peanut, and the most interesting thing here is a strip club.”

He chuckled. “Perhaps, but what any self-respecting small-town boy knows,” he whispered, moving them both to the music, “is that it’s not where you take your dates that’ll rock their world. It’s what you do to them once you get ’em there that’s important.”

She stopped moving and stroked his cheek. “Thank you. Everything is beautiful.”

He stood silent and still for several moments. Too many emotions passed across his face for Jordan to figure out what he was thinking. His soulful stare never wavered from her, but he didn’t kiss her, didn’t pull her closer.

“You are, by far, the most beautiful thing in this room. I’ve pictured you here, like this. Candlelight. Flowers. Music.”

“Well then, I guess this just went from being my fantasy to yours. Because howeveryou pictured me, I’m happy to oblige.” She lifted her sweater up and over her head, then tossed it aside, exposing a black camisole and bra. He wasn’t the only one who’d done a little shopping. After popping open all the buttons on his shirt, she wrapped her arms around him and nuzzled into his neck.

“Damn, woman. Way to play hard to get.”

Michelle Fielden PhotographyAuthor Bio:

Michelle Sharp is a romantic suspense author from the Midwest. Although she has a degree in journalism from Southern Illinois University, she finds weaving tales of danger, deception, and love much preferable to reporting the cold, hard facts. Her goal in life? To team resilient, kick-ass heroines with the sexy alpha’s who love them. As most writers probably are, she is an avid reader. Her husband and kids would call it obsessive—but whatever. Her first choice is usually a story with a thrilling combination of danger and love, but any book with a great voice and intriguing story will keep her turning pages well past any reasonable bed-time. Her debut novel will be published with Entangled Ignite in summer of 2014. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Missouri Romance Writers.





Entangled Publishing:

Barnes & Noble:

Rafflecopter giveaway:

Readers, follow the tour link and comment often. The more you comment, the better your chances of winning.

Tour stops can be found here:

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